FIRST PRIZE, Pinewood School annual Halloween Poetry competition, Oct 2004

Footsteps on the water

The knife fell to the floor.
“Be careful”, you would say.
Whispering, “I’m sorry”,
She put the knife away.

You should’ve seen the torture
That she endured every night.
The pain was written in her eyes
Tears blurred and marred her sight.

She missed you when you left.
Silence drowned out all laughter.
You left your footprints on her heart
Yours forever after.

The knife, stained red – it falls
Leaves spots upon the tile.
You should’ve seen the horror
That replaced her gentle smile.

By the sea, you find her grave,
New girlfriend by your side.
Dry-eyed , you drop a flower,
Stolen softly by the tide.

Some years later you find
A bracelet you had bought her.
You smile sadly, and you hear
Her footsteps in the water.