SECOND PRIZE, Pinewood School annual Halloween Poetry competition, Oct 2004

Climbing Stairs

Each step a dagger in her wretched soul,
Regret and self-pity, unspoken hatred
Possess her unrelentingly.
She is a victim of life without satisfaction,
Striving for an impossible perfection,
That torments her to insanity.

Climbing stairs…
Each step a love, a friendship she rejected,
Caught in a whirlwind of shame,
All honor leeched from her heart.
Lies and deceit
Consume her inside
Only stains of blood remain.

Climbing stairs…
Each step a hope she never knew,
Living in an endless storm of chaos
Never lets her see the light.
She is a prisoner of wicked injustice,
Trapped in an isolated dungeon
She cannot escape from.

There are no more steps…
Courage prevails,
And she falls,

Her rotting spirit is released.

Her blood is wiped from the street.