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HS Girls Basketball, CCS Division II Finals, Pinewood vs St. Francis, Mar 8, 2003

(photos are in order of occurance during the game)

Panther welcome! High energy start Pinewood goes inside Pinewood goes outside Agressive coaching
Smoothering defense Taking it in A familiar sight Guard action Calm spirit still
Perfect D ! No where to go Three! What height advantage? Get back on D !
Freethrow Stay on Strengths & weaknesses Anything can happen Height no advantage here
No safe place for 10 None here either Impenetrable! Unorthodox style No opening
Shoot! Intensity! Unstoppable! Work the ball Not a problem!
Freshman minute Finish! Teamwork! Congrats from the coach Congrats to 11
Congrats to 13 Congrats to 15 Congrats to 20 Congrats to 21 Congrats to 23
Congrats to 24 Congrats to 25      
Coach to coach Lineup Bringing it home! Champions !